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▓ Overview

---It was the middle of the night, when everyone was asleep.

On a small island where two sisters live, huge demons appear.

The police officers desperately defend the islanders,

but the demons turn the tables on them.

The protagonist Toriumi Satsuki's sister-in-law,

Toriumi Ichiko, is kidnapped.

Can Satsuki rescue Ichiko, who is trapped in a hut deep in the mountains?


▓ Required specifications (Windows)


   Supported OS : Windows /7/8/10/11

    CPU : Core i3 or higher.

    Memory : 8 GB or more.

    HDD : 1.0 GB free space or more.

*Gamepad support. However, XBox controllers are not supported.

▓ Languages supported (as of 23 June)



※ Language settings can be changed on the title screen.

▓ Play time

10 to 30 minutes

▓ Game description

This game is the first new work in three years by the "Outer Palace", and was made as a prototype remake of their masterpiece "Nobody at the Altar"series.

When talking, you can see the character's standing picture which is animated by Live2d.

・The world view of the work is dark, but there are scenes where you fight enemies in order to rescue the protagonist's sister-in-law.

・The player's damage is recovered every few seconds, so if you find it difficult to defeat the enemies, you can escape.

・The game contains some scenes of bloodshed due to the production design of the game.If you are not good at this, please refrain from playing.

・The game is also compatible with the Gamepad (see the included image file for instructions).

・The game is designed for Windows users,but also considering a smartphone version.

・It's a free game, but if it gets a certain amount of publicity, we will consider adding voices to each character in future versions.▓ Production tool


▓ Development time

2 months

▓Review submission

We're waiting for you!

This game was originally made as a prototype for a remake of a horror RPG

This game was originally made as a prototype for a remake horror RPG to be distributed at Comic Market 100.

Please forgive any minor bugs in the game.

If you have any bug reports, please report them to the support address in the included "Read Me" text file.

Please report any bug reports from the support contact in the "Read Me" text file included in the package.


Read me 同封のサポートメールより、ルールを守ってレポートをお送り下さい。

▓Live broadcasts

Live broadcasts

We welcome them!

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We would appreciate it if you can view videos and live broadcasts without having to register as a member of the video site.

Please refrain from slander and defamation and anything that destroys the world view of the work.

Please keep good manners.

(If there is anything, we may ask you to delete it.

We may ask you to delete something,

but we would appreciate your cooperation).


We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this software.

Please do not reproduce, distribute, upload or sell all or part of this work to third parties without the permission of the rights holder.


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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorOuter Palace
GenreRole Playing, Action
Tags3D, Anime, Dark, gamepad, Gore, Horror, moe, Unity


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